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The Atrium Music + Music Integration (M+MI) Program emerged from the school’s former partnership with New England Conservatory’s Center for Music-in-Education, and is the product of research and curriculum development that have occurred in the Music-in-Education National Consortium during the last twenty years.
The Atrium music program is a combination of:

  • General Music (in which all students sing and play the recorder, bells, and percussion)
  • The Violin Program (for Grade 2 and up)
  • The School’s Choruses (4/5 Chorus and the Middle School Chorus)

These three facets of the Atrium music program are unified by ideas and tools that embody an interdisciplinary approach; in all classes, students make extensive use of fundamental concepts and representations shared between music and other subject areas. Music offers a unique intersection between language and math, and it is this intersection that Atrium students explore each and every week when they sing, play, compose, arrange, and improvise.
The violin program is informed by M+MI, by the Suzuki Method, and by the Mark O’Connor String Method. Atrium’s violin instructors devote a significant amount of time to the children’s “setup” so that young violinists feel balanced and are optimally ready to play. In fourth grade students begin to learn conventional music notation. At all ages, students read the Music Math Matrix, a form of representation that is inspired by conventional notation and that is accessible to everyone.
Atrium School offers an After-School musical theater program for Middle School students. Under the theatrical direction of Atrium's Performing Arts Specialist and Atrium alumna Sophie Rich, actors learn dramatic improvisation and stage techniques. Under the direction of our Music Director, students create their own musical arrangements and incorporate the playing of instruments in their on-stage performance.

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