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Atrium Speaker Series: Bullying and Cyberbullying

Elizabeth Englander 
- Accomplished Author, Professor of Psychology at
BSU, Director and Founder of the MARC Center

This Atrium Speaker Series event, which is FREE and open to the general public, will focus primarily on ways that parents can help their children avoid bullying and cyberbullying and thus become more socially successful in school.  We will also cover how social media use impacts social success in general, and how to help kids manage digital technology use. How can parents help children who are targets cope, and how can they best prepare their children to interact in digital environments safely and effectively?  Topics such as friendships and social media problems will be explored, and we'll also discuss how parents can promote success and resiliency.  During the evening we'll cover these topics and more, and parents will be able to ask and discuss questions they may have.