Atrium School

Excellence with Joy


Atrium, located in Greater Boston, is tucked into a Watertown neighborhood near the Cambridge line. Our location offers the balance of a safe environment for our students with the convenience of easy transportation options and access to the area’s vast resources, allowing teachers and students to expand on classroom curriculum.

We can walk across the street to the Mount Auburn Cemetery and explore and study horticulture, birds, art, and architecture. Area museums and theaters are easily accessible by Boston's MBTA transportation from our local bus stop. A short walk takes us to nearby parks and community gardens, and to the Charles River, where students examine local flora and fauna and learn about and practice environmental stewardship. Our middle school students take advantage of nearby athletic fields and facilities for off-site PE programs, including ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, and yoga.

While our campus is intimate, its convenient location is a home port from which to venture to Boston, Cambridge, the Charles River, local partner businesses, the coastline, and historic sites to deepen hands-on learning and to connect classroom teaching with real-world applications and context.