Atrium School

Excellence with Joy

Physical Education

Atrium’s approach to education promotes confidence, creativity, and collaboration throughout all aspects of school. These same principles run through the fabric of Physical Education (PE). In PE classes, students are developing skills and relationships, accepting challenges, and having tons of fun!

PE classes are designed to engage students so they can learn and thrive. Students participate in a variety of physical activities, explore mental focus, and interpersonal dynamics. Atrium’s program includes activities in three general areas:

  • Cooperative Games
  • Competitive Games
  • Self-led Exploration & Activity

Children develop physical skills, mental strategies, a working athletic vocabulary, emotional awareness, and the capacity for strong teamwork. Every student becomes a valuable contributor. Elementary, PreK - Grade 5, PE classes take place at school, while our Middle School, Grades 6 - 8, features many off-site sessions, such as:

In PE, we encourage children to gain specific skills, and we create a personal excitement about success throughout each student's learning process.