Atrium School

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Sustainability and Our Green Building

A green school is one that consistently improves the learning and working environment for children, teachers, and staff while saving energy, protecting natural resources, and controlling the use of non-renewable products. It is also a community of people that believes in and strives for sustainability through collective conservation efforts and creative problem-solving.

Throughout its history, Atrium has taught a credo of respect for oneself, others, and the environment. Children and teachers assume “an ongoing responsibility to act as part of a larger community.” The goal is to help students contribute to their community and to model that commitment to others.

Constructing our new school and campus in the Greater Boston area in 2006 gave us the opportunity to make choices that embodied these values of sustainability and innovation. By transforming what was an industrial space and a paved parking lot into a progressive elementary/middle school and landscaped urban oasis, we have created a home that encompasses our educational aims by:

  • Using sustainable building materials throughout
  • Protecting habitats and native plants on our site
  • Minimizing water pollution through mechanisms to reuse water, low-flow bathroom fixtures, and the installation of a unique storm-water filtration system
  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing structure and green sustainable space for our residential neighbors
  • Forming working relationships that promote locally owned businesses and organizations
  • Partnering with neighboring Mount Auburn Cemetery to teach children about horticulture, indigenous plants, and sustainable landscapes

Atrium's environmentally-conscious facility has been profiled in Edutopia magazine, and in 2010, received the Evergreen Award for sustainable commercial design. Read more about our sustainable permanent home here