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TASK Art Event for the Atrium School Community


Atrium's Studio Art Director Talin Megherian will lead a wonderful TASK Workshop for the whole Atrium community. TASK is an improvisational art-based event with a simple structure and very few rules.

TASK was created by the artist Oliver Herring, whose vision is that it can be planned with a more formal set-up, it can have a more open structure without any limitations of size or divisions or, as seen at Atrium, it can be tailored for the use in classrooms.

TASK’s open-ended, participatory structure creates almost unlimited opportunities for a group of people to interact with one another and their environment. The flow and momentum of TASK depends on the tasks written and interpreted by it’s participants. The continuous conception and interpretation of tasks is both chaotic and purpose driven.

Ultimately, TASK is a platform for people to express and test their own ideas in an environment without failure and success or any other preconceptions of what can or should be done with an idea or a material.