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Blindspots, with Tessa Charlesworth

Everyone wants to believe that we see the world objectively, making accurate and fair judgments. While being objective is a worthy goal, every day we make choices and form opinions that are grounded in hidden biases: Our minds have blindspots. This talk will explore evidence of such biases and the illusions of our perceptions. We will consider how automatic biases emerge about people based on their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, weight, and disability. As we examine implicit stereotypes and how they manifest in educational settings, we will discuss research on the best ways to address our blindspots.

This free event is co-hosted by Atrium School's Board of Trustees Diversity Committee and the PTA, and is open to the public. Parking is at 35 Kondazian St. in Watertown.

About Tessa Charlesworth:

Originally from Victoria, Canada, Tessa Charlesworth received her B.A. summa cum laude from Columbia University in New York City. Tessa is now a second year Ph.D. student in Harvard’s Department of Psychology, under the supervision of Professor Mahzarin Banaji, co-author of Blindspot. Her research focuses on when, why, and how implicit attitudes change. Tessa explores change by looking at both natural change across development and across cultural time, as well at induced change following targeted learning and interventions.

Earlier Event: December 6
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