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Eleven Students Graduate from Eighth Grade

On June 11, 11 students from Atrium School graduated from eighth grade, including the school’s first students to attend Atrium from PreK through eighth grade.

In Atrium tradition, this year’s graduation speaker was an alumna, Celia Reddick ’96, a Ph.D. candidate in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education studying the intersection of education and migration. Ms. Reddick told graduates, “When I look at my daughter Keza, I want for her so many of the things that I heard you all describe about your experiences at Atrium and that I hope you continue to pursue and find in your next steps. I wish for her to develop a sense of curiosity, of empathy, of awareness, and of action. And I wish, most of all, that she too will declare one day how much she cares for her classmates and they for her, and to describe, as many of you did, the foundation that those vital relationships have provided so that she too can explore the world.”

Photo by Joe Murphy

Photo by Joe Murphy

Students from the Class of 2019 will be attending a variety of public and independent schools in the area: Boston Latin School, Cambridge School of Weston, Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall, Concord Academy, Gann Academy, and McCallie School, as well as Arlington High School, Belmont High School, Minuteman High School, and Newton South High School.

“In reading some of the last poems you've written at Atrium, the subjects and emotions are wide-ranging and the styles are varied,” said Head of School Marshall Carter in his graduation address. “Uncertainty comes up numerous times, as do strength and confidence. But there is a shared voice, a unified vision, and sense of cohesion in them. I hope that Atrium has given you, among many other things, these two things: one is the power of your own voice on its own, and the other is an understanding of the power of your voice in concert with others.”